It's About The Experience....

You've probably heard the marketing adage "don't sell the steak, sell the sizzle". When it comes to selling travel nothing is more important than selling the experience. Getting the consumer to visualize themselves in a particular port or on a particular cruise ship is key to getting that client to part with their hard earned dollars. Clients buy a dream long before they ever buy cabin 2112 on B deck.

Why do you think the FlowRider surf park aboard Freedom of the Seas is there? It sells youth and being cool using the dream of surfing, to far more than ever use it. Same goes for Royal Caribbean's rock walls, you can envision climbing to the top of the wall even if you're more likely to line up at the midnight buffet.

As an agent, it's easy to sometimes get stuck talking about the minutia of the cruise booking process - but remember clients want to know what restaurants are onboard, what excursions are the best and where to get the perfect margarita in Key West. Finding the balance of how to deliver the dream while communicating all the minor details that need to be discussed is an art that's mastered by seasoned cruise specialists. Seasoned specialists know that the key ingredients for the perfect conversation are strong listening skills, the ability to perceive when the client is in a hurry or when you've lost someone in a conversation and the flexibility to sometimes communicate details in writing, while preserving your voice for the more enthusiastic picture painting.
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