Brand Yourself with a Blog

The concept of branding yourself isn't a new one - in fact Tom Peters introduced the full concept of personal branding in 1997. In a nutshell, Peters says that your image determines your level of success and your future in today's business world. Peters says the same image building principles that apply to major corporations like Nike and Coca Cola apply to the way people choose an accountant or other business professional.

What better way to craft your image as a cruise specialist than blogging? Writing authoritatively on a variety of cruise topics allows you to put your expertise on public display. Clients researching topics you're writing on will stumble across articles you've written and if properly done - your blog will lead that consumer to you and your cruise website.

As a bonus, you become a recognized authority by consumers and journalists alike. Journalists often quote bloggers as experts on various topics.

Blogging isn't difficult...anyone can build one by filling in some short online forms. What's standing between you and new and improved brand of you? Not much....Blogging takes minimal technical expertise. All that's really required is a time commitment of at least 20 minutes a week to write your blog. For more info on blogging see our Business Center presentation under Marketing > ECommerce > Blogging> Blogging 101.

A good blog will expose your talents and skills to your best clients, and all are sure to benefit from what they learn about you. Brand yourself with a blog and watch your business boom.
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