Are you Master of Your Domain? Stay In Control.

If you own a domain name, your number one job is to be sure you stay the owner of that name. Sound simplistic? Maybe not. Further complicating life is the fact that Domain Renewal notices often end up in your Email Spam folder. Unfortunately, far too many business people don't buy domain names for multiple years, and domain squatters are frequently circling like hungry piranas, grabbing these newly promoted domains within moments of expiration.

The net result is that you as the business person who promoted the new domain name lose the name to a someone else. This is a huge loss of time, money and marketing effort ! Worse yet, you'll need to find a new name.

Here are some tips to make sure you don't lose a domain name.
  • Renew heavily promoted domains 5-10 years at a time. At under $10 a year the cost is very reasonable.
  • Always renew Domains Manually at least 1 year in advance (Put it on your calendar - perhaps Jan 2 every year).
  • Enter a Credit Card and Set Up Auto-Renewal Features in you Domain Control Pannel.
  • Set up a calendar reminder (set the month your Credit Card Expires) to remind you to change your credit card on file with your Domain Service when the card expires !

An additional saftey key is to "lock" your domain name to prevent others from changing your contact info without your authorization (NameCheap, GoDaddy and most others do this by default). Together, these steps should insure that your business's lifeblood isn't lost because of a change of domain name.

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