Cruises and Britney Spears

Google has introduced a great new tool called Google Insights for Search. Using this tool you can find out exactly how popular a given search is as compared with other search terms. Insights assigns an index value to each term searched and graphically depicts the relative number of searches over a period of time. Google Insights for Search also maps out how popular a term is regionally, showing where the greatest number of searches for a given term are coming from. This is a great new marketing research tool from Google.

For example I did a search comparing the following terms : Cruises, Chocolate, Britney Spears and Toast. Interestingly, cruises get three times more searches than toast, so you can say that cruises are literally three times more popular than the warm sliced bread. And surprisingly Cruises and Britney Spears had a relatively equal number of searches over the last 12 months (both index at a value of 24). Cruising is pretty popular considering that "cruises" don't have any nude pictures on the Internet, didn't make the cover of any tabloid, and "cruises" didn't shave their head and enter rehab. But cruises can keep their ego in check - Chocolate is indexing at 52 making it a more frequently searched term than than Britney Spears (24 index) and Cruises (24 index) combined. Now I know why NCL has the Chocoholic Buffet.
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