Facebook - It's everywhere

If you haven't joined facebook yet, you should. Facebook is at the heart of the convergence between the online and offline worlds of millions of people worldwide. I'm amazed how many people are using Facebook now - and it's not just 20 somethings using this technology. I'm 40 and 27% of my high school's graduating class is in now in there (and that number is growing rapidly). I've recently found about a half dozen friends that I haven't heard from in 20 plus years.

Why is Facebook such a phenomenon? Well, in short it allows you to share your daily activities, thoughts and photos with friends. It integrates email, chat, video, photos and applications in an atmosphere that's both friendly and open. It allows you to share your online life with people you would normally share your offline life with anyway.

Facebook is a vendor friendly environment where the few ads that are shown are targeted to you based upon your demographic profile, and vendors attempt to entertain you with interesting Facebook Applications that help you interact with their brands.

Share events like cruise nights, share photos from ship inspections, share articles on the cruise industry, post deals to your "wall", and you'll find you're going to get more referrals from friends beacuse they remember that you're in the business.
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