Are You Promoting Your Travel Blog?

A quick search for the term travel blog on Google yields 185 million result pages.  That’s a sea of blogs.  The question is how do you get your blog to stand out?

Well there are few tricks that can separate you from the others… and this week we’ll talk about a few very important steps to take in promoting your blog.

Step one….search for your blog by typing your blog’s address into the google search box.  If you’re not seeing anything come up then it’s time to re-submit your blog to Google.  How do you do this?   There’s a link to the submission page on the BC under Marketing > Ecommerce > Blogging > Add Your Blog To Google (Once).

Step two…link to your blog from your social media posts.

Step three….add your blog address to your BC profile – this insures there’s a banner on your site pointing to your blog.

Step four…join a network like BlogBurst.  Blog burst is a network of blogs that publishes your blog’s posts to high traffic websites and leads people to your blog.  Network partners include Time Warner, Fox News, Houston Chronicle, Chicago Sun Times and many many more.  Joining is FREE but requires a real commitment to blog regularly.  For more info on joining blogburst go to

Follow these four steps you’ll find you’ll get more traffic to your blog and generate more business as a result.

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